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Acts of Vengeance by Frank Smith download in pdf, ePub, iPad

The supervillain pawns are defeated by the heroes. Shivers says that a police officer committed the murders.

She explains that she worked with them for a year, stealing drugs from the hospital for them. Following a suggestion in the book, he decides to take a Stoic vow of silence until the case is solved. As Strode arrives, a fight ensues, leaving both injured.

Frank then sneaks into the police station and finds that Hank Strode was the police officer on duty on the night of the murders. After several days of following Strode, Frank enters Strode's house and finds loose gold fibers on a police uniform.

Frank then sneaks intoAfter several days

Later, Alma approaches to return his wallet, which he left at her place. You can help by adding to it. To assist the master villains, Loki engineers a jailbreak at the Vault.