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Advanced Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery - ECAB by Samiran Nundy download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Space limitations have necessitated exclusion of detailed illustrations of a number of infrequently performed procedures, such as pelvic exenter ation for cancer of the rectum. Robert Galla, and to Miss Evelyn Hall for help in the preparation of the manuscript. They now are in general use in the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Space limitations have necessitated exclusion ofRobert Galla and to Miss Evelyn

This book includes the operations that have proved to be useful and have survived the test of time. In such instances bibliographic references have been provided for ready reference. The bibliography emphasizes recent contributions because they are easily available to the reader. The richness of mini atlas book has been further enhanced by a number of color illustrations and figures to impress upon the reader with the utmost clarity, the surgical steps and techniques. The complete topic of advanced laparoscopic surgeries has been rendered so simple in the deliberations in the fourteen chapters of this book.