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They can hire locally, and we direct how the work should be done. The Verway-Hanford covered lagoon digester project in Hanford, California, fired up in October, is the largest dairy digester on the West Coast.

They can hire locally

According to Paganini, the president of Quantum had a vision many years ago about creating compost blends that were infused with organic nutrients. The company has deployed the Italian company Austep S. Mas Energy is providing operations and asset management, in addition to its responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the assets. Not to mention, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection acted as a project partner, working with Quantum to permit and construct this first facility.

The VerwayHanford covered lagoon digester

According to Palas, as of January, continuous work is being done at the facility. According to Hall, the plants have been operating well and are able to utilize all of the gas made available by Republic. According to Paganini, Quantum is currently vetting five projects along the East Coast for further development.

From there, gas will be injected directly into the natural gas pipeline system. Once fully operational, the facility will recycle food waste to produce vehicle fuel, electricity, compost and clean water. He was willing to financially support the project, as he saw digestion as a way to accelerate the composting process and create unique organic compost blends from the residual materials. Same for the mechanical work, the welding.

There are also state funding opportunities. Out of the group, New York and Pennsylvania come out on top with and operating biogas plants, respectively, and the potential for over additional plants in each state. Likewise, being product-agnostic and having a solid distribution base in many markets, we are able to put remote projects together to the benefit of our customers.