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All were newcomers to democracy and capitalism following the collapse of communism less then two decades before.

It is important for Albania to maintain today's reform momentum and we must be ready to support it as much as possible in this process. Some member states have expressed concern over corruption and the rule of law in the two countries. Greece's admission was controversial.

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But the bloc delayed accession amid their slow progress on completing judicial and political reforms. They were, like Greece, new democracies. The adopted proposal will enable citizens of Albania to travel to Schengen countries without needing a short term visa. Both countries continue to be among the bloc's poorest and most corrupt members. The parliament in August rejected a proposal to abolish immunity for parliament members, ministers and people in some other official positions.

Alexander Pearson, Keith Walker. Eighteen political parties ran for seats in parliament in the vote at the end of June as incumbent Prime Minister Mr Rama's Socialist Party went up against the Democratic Party led by Lulzim Basha.

Four key priorities were found to be met, while two were well in progress and the remaining six were in moderate progress. Its first two accession attempts failed in the face of strong French opposition. The situation will be more certain in April when the European Commission will present a report on Albania. The Mediterranean country's transition to democracy following the collapse of a military dictatorship in paved the way for its application to the bloc. Britain, Ireland and Denmark The United Kingdom was initially reluctant to join the new European club but changed its mind in the s.

Mainland Europe is geographically actually a great big peninsula, the western part of the Eurasian supercontinent. Free elections were also held in Portugal in that year after the fall of the former authoritarian government. In south the Mediterranean Sea separates Europe from the African continent and its western borders are defined by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north by the Polar Sea. Balkan states given talks offer Now the country has gone to the polls in a historic election.

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So far, formal accession negotiations have only been held with Serbia and Montenegro. Spain and Portugal Spain and Portugal followed Greece five years later. In December the Council made the decision on the principles of a revised European Partnership for Albania.