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All Shot Up provides a very good example. This B was hit in the bomb bay, where the wing joins the fuselage.

Because the scars are theThey are homophobic

Despite this damage the aircraft was brought back safely and landed at Raydon. Freeman No info is available on this photo. Notice that the ball turret is missing, however. In each case the resemblance arises from a job-related injury, tying their physical degeneration to the course of their inquiry. This B took a direct flak hit in the waist over Debrecen, Hungary which killed three crewmen and wounded two others.

This B suffered fires in the radio room and tail wheel well, as well as other damage. Threatening to come apart in mid-air the pilot nursed it home to a safe landing, but the weakened fuselage collapsed on touchdown. The gunner was wounded, but survived the jarring blast. The cross-dressing also mirrors and highlights certain physical alterations that Coffin Ed and Grave Digger undergo.

When challenged by their superior officer, the white Lieutenant Anderson, they tend to disarm him with vague accusations of racism. The Mighty Eighth by Roger A.

Because the scars are the result of his job, it is easy to see them as a physical representation of the moral disorder that marks his career. They are homophobic, as well, and yet their own position as black men serving a status quo that favors whites is mirrored throughout the book by incidents of cross-dressing.

For his efforts he received the Medal of Honor.