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In a word, peanut allergy has become a major health concern worldwide. Moreover, it has all the merits of the enzyme method and is usually much cheaper. Sreedevi Lalithambika joined the database in to to maintain the system and helping identify new candidate allergens.

The work will be combined with further experimental analysis of candidates from the project collaborators. The other is using enzymes to break down allergens, destroying their epitopes. Himani saini obtained her M. They will contribute to highly collaborative studies in the areas of cancer research and neuroscience. The results are expected to be published in highly ranked journals.

Rashmi Rikhi obtained her M. Peanut allergy is very dangerous. Ankur Tyagi obtained his M. Debalina Das Majumder obtained her M.

The majority of the scientific information for the Allergen database and now for the Celiac database is collected and evaluated by Rick Goodman, then verified by the review team. Heat and pressure treatment is another effective approach to reduce peanut allergenicity. Mathumitha Raju is currently pursuing her B.

Karishma Kumar obtained her B. The most promising enzymatic method for desensitizing peanut is the research of Ahmedna et al.

Karishma Kumar obtained her B

The affiliations of the experts are listed below. He is interested in translational research in proteomics as a tool for discovery of diagnostic and prognostic markers in various diseases. Although there is no feasible solution to peanut allergy at present, many methods have shown great promise. The objective is to identify proteins that may require additional tests, such as serum IgE binding, basophil histamine release or in vivo challenge to evaluate potential cross-reactivity.

Mayuri Rane obtained her B. Akshatha Prasanna obtained her B. Jacinth Rajendra obtained her M. The position is limited to a two-year period. Fermentation Few studies have been reported on reducing peanut allergenicity by fermentation.

The most promising enzymatic