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To the left

The original idea for a monument to Christ came from a group of Brazilians who, in the wake of World War One, feared an advancing tide of godlessness. The opinions expressed within this review are my own. Its image is known the world over, but few know the story behind Cristo Redentor.

The next morning

Reports that all the statue's six million stones will be replaced, and that Christ the Redeemer will change colour in one fell swoop, have been denied. For others, an irresistible tourist attraction. Improving the earthing of the rods is just as important.

Once inside, the hubbub disappears. Crowds of dancers and drummers samba through the streets wearing T-shirts bearing the image of Christ.

The next morning I went to a ceramic studio where I made the first samples. To the left, standing twice a man's height, is the slightly bowed head of Christ, also looking down on the beauty of the city. To mount the steps and slowly, fearfully peer out is to see the world through the eyes of a bird, or even a god.

Scroll down to continue Up close There is a trapdoor on Christ's right shoulder. It truly does beckon the reader to linger and ponder the richness of the living God and respond to the loving redemptive care of His Son, Jesus Christ. Effectively earthed, there would be less risk of damage to the statue in the immediate vicinity of the conductor. Arms Open Wide by Sherri Gragg is a tender devotional.