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Thanet of Thammasat University says the protests in Thailand also show that people value democracy. Arroyo, and the lower class, supporting Mr. Reasons for parlous state of Asian democracy There are many factors which are responsible for the parlous state of democracy in Asia.

In recent times, Sri Lanka and Myanmar have made efforts to escape the tight clutches of Beijing. And as mature democracy struggles to take hold in Asia, it is compromising the lives and freedoms of Asia's citizens, and imposing great costs on the economy as well. All things considered, democracy does not seem to have a bright future in Asia. It held parliament elections, this month, and its second presidential election is scheduled in July.

More recently, many analysts have also thought that the advent of the Internet could fuel democratisation. Countries like North Korea and China also have very active state-sponsored nationalist campaigns. Arroyo became president when President Joseph Estrada was forced to step down amid corruption allegations, street protests and the withdrawal of military support. Democracy has very shallow roots and many enemies in Asia, and not only in China.

Arroyo and the lower class

Indeed, as emerging economies climb the development ladder, they can be attracted to becoming respected members of the international community. Asia is replete with countries that administer shonky elections, and have weak institutions and rule of law. They exploit different situations and reasons.

Thanet of Thammasat University says