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Ultimately, they believed, liberalism threatened the entire missionary enterprise and the vitality of American church life, offering only a set of ethical teachings and a watered-down Christianity. Perspectives on a Contested History. The word means different things to different persons. But they were a potent combination and ultimately became the nub of protest. By the late s the national media had identified it with the South, largely ignoring manifestations elsewhere.

Perspectives on a Contested History

On the other hand, generic fundamentalism seeks to minimize the distinction between the state and the church. After Scopes was convicted, creationists throughout the United States sought similar antievolution laws for their states. In regard to the former, the scholarship has burgeoned since the publication of books by Betty DeBerg and Margaret Bendroth. Bryan won in the court but lost in the press.

Moore in Arizona and members of the Creation Research Society in California, all supported by distinguished laymen. He was one of the founders of the international Council of Christian Churches. While dispensational premillennialism was falling out of favor among upwardly mobile evangelicals after the s, fascination with end times prophecy certainly was not. These included Reverends R. It is easy, however, to overstate the divide between old-line fundamentalists and neo-evangelicals.

Ultimately they believed liberalism

Review of the Literature Scholarly analyses of fundamentalism are almost as old as the movement itself, beginning with H. They denied biblical miracles and argued that God manifests himself through the social evolution of society. The story of American Fundamentalism and its evangelical offspring is carefully traced in a masterful work by Joel A.