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Compared with national figures, Ilkley town had a relatively high percentage of residents working in education and health and social work. But I had read Darwin's letter before I set off, so was very careful on my descent, and my ankles escaped serious injury. It was for Darwin the last bastion in his struggle to persuade Lyell to his side of the argument. White Wells circa was a water cure establishment. The steep climb up to the Cow and Calf rocks at the edge of Ilkley Moor is normally the reason for the races to visit as it presents a short but challenging climb.

Compared with national figures Ilkley

He convinced himself the water cure helped, so when he sent off the final batch of proofs to his publisher in London at the very beginning of October it was time to relax and to get back to health. Wells House in Ilkley was just the place for all these activities. He thought that as the elite came on board, the gang of naturalists and then the wider population would take his theory more and more seriously. Ilkley town centre is a tourist attraction with a high number of small independent shops. It sets the history of science in its social and cultural context.

But I had read Darwin's

Scientifically, Darwin rated Lyell more than anybody. Unfortunately this series of photographs does not include Ilkley Wells House, as it was closed to visitors when the other photographs were taken. And it is true that Ilkley was very remote. In Ilkley became a Fairtrade Town.

Darwin's discovery was part of a long process of negotiation between imagination, faith and knowledge which began long before and which continues to this day. If you think about it, Down House was in itself pretty isolated. Gregory Radick, co-author of the recently-published Darwin in Ilkley, says he came to the town for rest, recuperation and in the hope of a cure. Our feelings for Darwin the man begin to mellow. Their correspondence is fascinating and beautifully presented.

Emma was great on milk, butter, and cream. Darwin stayed in rooms at Ilkley Wells House, Dr. The homeopathic and water cure treatments did not do Darwin much good.