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Our governments are incentivized to protect the economy while the foundations for that economy create the conditions for democracy. By being shaped by the user, development is directly responsive to user demand and can be obtained for free or at a low cost. Templates and blackbox operation. It is easy to define a certain kind of imperialism in the globalization of democratization.

Democratization has grown from a political ideal engaged in the experiences of Western modernity to a kind of universal good. Few states have succeeded in avoiding the democratic waves altogether, and these states are increasingly represented as aberrations or even pariahs. It goes back at least to when King John accepted limits on his powers and conceded certain rights in the Magna Carta. These mistakes reflect well-known cognitive biases such as overconfidence and the illusion of control. It rests on a solid foundation of economic and political freedom that, for Western nations, had to be pried from governments over centuries.

Those predications, however, are based on statistical algorithms. Some have argued that cloud computing is having a major effect by allowing users greater access through mobility and pay-as-you-use capacity. Conversely, there can be no rule of law for investors when governments crack down on political opponents and no property rights for industry when personal wealth can be arbitrarily seized. Finally, democratization is not solely an issue for countries outside the West. The latest wave began in and is still ongoing.

Some of these ideas are fleshedBoth as a process and

Rather, it has become a key reference point in understanding political change throughout the world. Thankfully, much of this exists in some form or another. All these points combine strongly to suggest that democratization is best understood as a process, not an end point. Most important here are the following processes. They provide beneficial feedback to each other regarding real situations they are currently facing.

Both as a process and as a concept, democratization draws on a long history. Some of these ideas are fleshed out in the concept of cosmopolitanism. They are mostly available in a piecemeal form, with some vendors supporting one of these characteristics or features and others another one. There is something currently wrong with our organizations.