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Detroit Anthology by Anna Clark download in pdf, ePub, iPad

The pieces about growing up and leaving or staying in the neighborhoods touched me the most, especially the ones that didnt call for the past or renewal. Voices of the truly Detroit-bred - black, white, and otherwise. Then, disappointment returned and I stopped reading for awhile.

Voices of the trulyThe pieces about growing up

It might be kind of silly, but I actually love seagulls. So, it might be silly, but I rather like seagulls. My father left his mark on the city, even if his name is forgotten and some of his projects have fallen to ruin. They represent for me the city of my youth and the northern country of my heart. No price renders me amenable to part with the real estate of my heart.

My white privilege and my Polish grandmother means that I summered in Leelanau Peninsula every year growing up. The poetry and short prose pieces didnt do much for me either. Recently even, decades after I moved out of the city, I mentioned to someone that I grew up in Detroit. Up and down, up and down my reactions went.

The opening pieces were too dry for me, maybe because I read and hear the news of Detroit regularly. The book took off with Im from Detroit which explored what it means to say one is from Detroit.

And when I came home to the city, the seagulls would be there to meet me. Because I read it the way I did, my reaction to this book is kind of all over the place. Although most of those are from the last part of the book, which are the stories that are freshest in my memory.