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Dr. Breen's Practice by William Dean Howells download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Breen should be

She has a cold and lung problems that are treated over the course of the story. Breen is a great representation of this ethical dilemma. Maynard is absent for the majority of the novel, as he and Mrs. Libby meant she was neglecting her medical career and accepting her fate as just another married woman, but instead she embraces the challenge and does both. Maynard, who is out in Wyoming working on a ranch, telling him of his wife's condition.

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Breen could have her own practice. Breen should be able to hold the same title as her esteemed son. Mulbridge correctly predicts that she will reject him. However, she decides that she wasted her time training to become a doctor, and that she would rather go to the opera, ballets, and eventually travel to Italy.

Breen decides to contact Dr. Maynard with pneumonia, Dr. Libby works at the mills, Dr. Libby and they live in southern New Hampshire near his mills. An old fashioned woman, she brings a different point of view to the story, professing disdain of professional woman and does not see why a woman Dr.

Rufus Mulbridge, a local physician who practices mainstream, conventional medicine. Mulbridge is the doctor Grace decides to contact when she wants a second opinion on Mrs. Libby, an old friend of Mrs. At a time when female doctors were rare, Howells put them at the forefront of his work.