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When the crowds got to be too much, we could retreat to the motorhome for some quiet meditation. Bert leaves Don standing alone in the conference room as Don looks through the picture windows at the employees going about their business. Once home to several dozen homesteading families, this area has now been preserved to show how folks lived or years ago. When Peggy asks about Ginsberg's life, Ginsberg initially claims to be a Martian, stating that Morris Ginsberg is not his father.

Roger and Jane return home via

Don returns sometime later and begins to worry when he can't find Megan. He spends hours looking for and waiting for her, calling Peggy the other side of the conversation from the first part of the episode as well as Megan's mother in Montreal. Aside from Nashville drivers, Kim and I enjoyed our time in Tennessee. To add to the fatigue, we spent a week in Charlotte, North Carolina for Fincon, the annual conference for all things financial. The next morning, a jovial Roger says goodbye to a shocked Jane, telling her that she looks lovely, as always.

Roger and Jane return home via taxi and take a bath together, during which Roger imagines he is watching the World Series from the bathtub. On the first, we wound our way to Cades Cove, a small valley in the heart of the mountains. At the start of this trip, we were blown away by the beauty of Arizona. She awakens to a call from Don, who seems alarmed for incomprehensible reasons. He confesses that he used to love her and still finds her beautiful.

And, most baffling, they constantly drift from lane to lane for no apparent reason. Roger and Jane go to the party, which is hosted by Jane's therapist and her husband. Jane appears regretful about what she said the previous night.

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