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The State of Turkey denies a genocide ever occurred. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz among others.

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It is recognized by the international community as a genocide. The Holocaust is, of course, not a hidden genocide, and therefore, it is not a major focus of a volume on neglected genocides. The Catholic Church considered them heretics and ordered that they should be completely eradicated.

You are not currently authenticated. The genocides covered in this book are hidden or neglected in varying degrees.

The Holocaust as a historical event was not always free of controversy either. Today, there is a great deal of reluctance, in political circles, to describe the decimation of Indigenous people in North America as a genocide. Peter Novick, for example, engendered a great deal of controversy with his rather dispassionate history of the evolution of interest in the Holocaust in the United States. It occurred concurrently with the Armenian and Greek genocides. Consider the Turkish campaign denying the Armenian genocide, followed by the Armenian movement to recognize the violence.

The genocides covered