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Great performance requires us to be intensely human beings. Humans will remain in charge A large category of those activities comprises roles for which we demand that a specific person or persons be accountable. And I just want to go back to my cube and work.

The transition to an industrial economy in the Western nations, and the accompanying shift in skill values, took well over years. His immediate depressive effect on those around him, bad enough by itself, could start to spread. We are social beings, hardwired from our evolutionary past to equate personal relationships with survival.

Maybe you believe that humans uniquely will always have to perform the highest-stakes, most delicate and demanding tasks in our lives, such as surgery. James Merlino, who led the transformation effort.

The machines improved, slowly at first, then rapidly, driven by the ever-quickening advance of infotech. Popular culture is obsessed by it. The Cleveland Clinic, which emphasizes empathy training of doctors and all employees to improve patient outcomes and lower medical costs.

It used to be that you had to be good at being machine-like. The ability of employees to engage customers with humor, energy, and generosity is crucial to creating value in an experience that is not, on its face, all that appealing. The Cleveland Clinic learned a similar lesson. Over the past five years it has developed a pathbreaking and dramatically effective program to train all employees and contractors in empathy and relationship building.

But it was a big problem at Southwest. But the approval rate declines steadily in the two hours before lunch, almost to zero just before the lunch break. We want to negotiate important agreements with a person, hearing every quaver in his voice, noting when he crosses his arms, looking into his eyes. To be precise, my mistake. They will be the most valuable people in our world because of it.

But it was a big

Those are issues that people must work out for themselves, and, critically, they must do it in groups. If you thought emotions were beyond the competencies of robots, you were right for a long time.

It prospers because, as its managers have always understood, it knows the value of human interaction externally and internally. On average, women are better at many of these increasingly valuable skills than men are. The overall trend is a giant employment increase in industries based on personal interaction.

But the approval rate declines