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But this is how I look to them. These cultural changes are transmitted through legal, accounting, and professionalization principles, driving the creation of new organizations and the elaboration of existing ones. For example, they show that the sales pipeline funnel strategy is fundamentally broken. Pushing a company line will not work.

Read how to deal

Instead, you need to think about tribes and humans. Social media flips the mode, and brings us back to communicating one-on-one. In any work environment, many people have different responsibilities and are involved in a single project. Patricia Bromley and John W. These were just constructs to allow corporations to coordinate their approach to the market.

Gossieaux and Moran take this

Gossieaux and Moran take this a step further and teach how one might leverage this throughout the organization. Read how to deal with disorganized coworkers. Forget information channels, and think about knowledge networks.

Instead focus on word of mouth and engaging the customer through interaction. See, everyone I work with is like this. There is advice on how to gauge communities tribes and realise that the most important people, those making referrals, may not themselves be making a lot of purchases. Figure out how to support an leverage those people who are most important, and who may not be the ones who are the chattiest. Forget company centricity, and think human centricity.

Only you can see this list There are two kinds of people in this world. The processes will be less and less pre-defined, but embrace that, and allow people in the organization to interact as humans.