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Interpol's Forensic Science Review by Niamh Nic Daeid download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Divided into five sections spanning the spectrum of forensic analysis, the book begins with chemical criminalistics, starting with a chapter on the forensic examination of fibres. Baines Environmental Forensic Science, J. The chapters follow- ing this particular format often include a brief summary of the ref- erence, essentially providing a mini abstract of the cited material.

The book concludes with a survey of the literature concerning fingerprints, bitemarks, and other impressions. Those chapters provide background information followed by a list of the references at either the end of the sentence or section. Finally, the book focuses on individual identification.

For instance, a article by van Oorschot et al. The first section concludes with a review of articles concerning paint and glass and methods for analysis of these substances. The book organizes a tremendous amount of information in a relatively easy to follow format. Houck is with West Virginia University in Morgantown. Alberink Digital Evidence, P.

Many references are listed for eachThe varying styles and

Buckle Questioned Documents, T. It provides a comprehensive overview and keeps readers up to date on the latest techniques.

The varying styles and formats are not distracting, but the reader should be aware of the variations. Many references are listed for each chapter with the occasional duplicate citing between chapters, ultimately reducing the actual number of references. This book would make an excellent addition to any reference collection.

The international scope of contributions to this volume makes it the most comprehensive source of information in the field today. Katsumata Paint and Glass, M.

Its broad coverage and simple presentation make it an appropriate source book for the academic setting and professionals at all levels. The section concludes with a discussion of the analysis and detection of explosives and explosive residues, as well as scientific methods applied to fire cause and fire debris analysis.