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By Act V he seems to have rediscovered his faith. See recent studies of quattrocento Epicurean revival, e. There is a terrible irony in the fact that it is a mere mortal, Edmund, who deprives Lear of his beloved daughter.

You are not currently authenticated. His paranoia reflects his egotism and instability.

By Act V he seems

This chapter sketches the special configuration which such questioning, owing to a new grouping of influences, seems to have assumed in the Renaissance. At the start of the play Lear believes that the gods are on his side. The atheist is not allowed to defeat the faithful.

The characters appeal to them in times of crisis, hoping for divine assistance. He expects them to punish Gonerill and Regan for their ingratitude.

Lear makes no mention of the gods when he asks why Cordelia has been killed. Images and themes The gods There are many references to the pagan and Christian deities in King Lear.

See recent studies of

Ideas about the gods can also be linked to the theme of justice. Shakespeare refuses to provide us with any straightforward answers to the many questions we have about religion in King Lear.

Their attitudes towards the gods reflect their natures. His silence might be read as proof that we are to blame man for the carnage of Act V. When he does refer to the gods Edmund speaks ironically.