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Latitude Zero by Diana Renn download in pdf, ePub, iPad

They are greeted by the ship's captain, Graig McKenzie whom they learn is over years old.

In Latitude Zero, gold and diamonds are plentiful, the inhabitants are peaceful, nobody ages or dies, and everyone lives in peace and harmony. Latitude Zero is a paradise hidden fifteen miles below the surface at the intersection of the Equator and the International Date Line. Malik who is also over years old doesn't feel the same way as Latitude Zero's inhabitants. Okada Akihiko Hirata as Dr. Diamonds are very common and used only in industrial use.

This proves to be his undoing when, at a critical moment, Kuroi turns against Malic as he prepares to fire an energy cannon at the escaping visitors, causing their destruction. Mackenzie takes them to Latitude Zero to deal with the serious injuries of Dr Masson.

Of all the visitors to Latitude Zero, only Perry Lawton, a journalist, wished to return home. Horrified at whom he sees, Lawton discovers his film is ruined and when he opens the pouch where he placed his complimentary diamonds, he finds tobacco.

Malic, however, wishes to destroy the paradise of Latitude Zero, and uses giant rats and anthropomorphic bats in addition to James Bond -style devices against the undersea kingdom. McKenzie takes the men to Latitude Zero, an underground paradise located at the intersection of the Equator and the International Date Line. Malik wishes to destroy it using everything he can conjure.

Mackenzie takes them to LatitudeThis proves to be his undoing