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Less successful at this time wereBooks magazines and other

The Committee agreed, and Knight went to Germany in January and spent three months observing the main trial from inside the courtroom. Using mirrors, Knight painted herself and Naper as seen by someone entering the studio behind them both. They found much inspiration for their work in the Malvern Hills and in the surrounding countryside and by the start of World War Two the couple were living at Colwall in Herefordshire. Although Pearson, at Knight's insistence, sat for the portrait holding a rifle, the finished painting shows her holding a respirator.

Less successful at this time were her landscape and thematic works. Books, magazines and other literature. Spring was shown at the Royal Academy in but later reworked.

These visits resulted in a series of portraits of great intensity. Self Portrait with Nude In Knight made a painting that was a first for a woman artist, Self Portrait with Nude, showing herself painting a nude model, the artist Ella Naper. The Knights made a third trip to Laren in before spending that winter in Yorkshire.

Knight would sometimes use models from London who were prepared to pose nude. Painting within a working circus forced Knight to paint at great speed, as the performers rarely had much time to pose. Throughout the war Knight also continued taking private commissions, usually for individual or family portraits.

When Knight learned that the navigator in the picture, Raymond Frankish Escreet, had been killed in action, she arranged that his family received a photograph of the painting. Knight deeply resented this, and Self Portrait with Nude is a clear challenge, and reaction, to those rules.