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This paper examines the merits and limitations of adopting the language of neuroscience to describe addiction. Third, this article provides concrete guidelines for law faculty interested in incorporating visual aids effectively in their teaching. The key determinant of whether courts are likely to accept neuroscientific evidence for the purpose of lie detection is the degree to which this evidence is considered to be reliable. The Small class sizes promote student-faculty interactions and open doors to new opportunities.

The rules of evidence and, in particular, the constitutional right to make full answer and defense are the legal mechanisms by which this accommodation would take place. Explore the College of Law. Lawyers need to be able to identify when their clients have legal problems outside of their narrow area of specialty and they need to devise legal solutions that do not violate other areas of law.

This section serves as a reference

This article serves three purposes. Students in these programs benefit from hands-on experience with case-based law, real world experience before entry into the legal profession.

This information will provide professors a reference when they reform the overall legal curriculum, modify teaching strategies, and create innovative teaching methods. In particular, placing emphasis on the diseased brain may foster unintended harm by paradoxically increasing social distance towards the vulnerable group the term is intended to benefit. Experiential Learning The College of Law houses six full clinics, a robust externship and internship program, and a variety of Skills Courses. The article also provides many concrete examples of specific teaching techniques that professors could adopt in their own class immediately.

Joint Degree Programs In

This section serves as a reference for any professor interested in how students learn. Joint Degree Programs In partnership with other departments on campus, the College of law allow students to pursue their Juris Doctor J. This article argues that the legal curriculum engages all six levels of learning by traditionally teaching the lowest four levels of learning.