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However, in some cases, convection is taken to mean only advective phenomena. The warmer air expands, becoming less dense than the surrounding air mass, and creating a thermal low. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer.

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These are the granular zones in the outer layers of these stars. Attempts have been made to obviate the above problems in recent years.

Convective heat transfer A heat sink provides a large surface area for convection to efficiently carry away heat. Convection zone and granule solar physics An illustration of the structure of the Sun and a red giant star, showing their convective zones. Stack effect The Stack effect or chimney effect is the movement of air into and out of buildings, chimneys, flue gas stacks, or other containers due to buoyancy.

The efficiency of magnetic convection pump may be remarkably promoted by the use of a ferromagnetic material exhibiting highly temperature-dependent saturation magnetization. Forced convection is typically used to increase the rate of heat exchange.