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They realised soon enough that it wouldn't matter if they were actually paying people to take them off the shelves, the Irish wanted their Tayto and nothing else. The incident invigorated the civil rights movement.

The Act continued to be used against nationalists long after the violence of this period had come to an end. This threat was seen as justifying preferential treatment of unionists in housing, employment and other fields. The Shorlands twice opened fire on a block of flats in a nationalist district, killing a nine-year-old boy, Patrick Rooney. In Belfast, loyalists responded by invading nationalist districts, burning houses and businesses. This would come to have a major impact on Northern Ireland.

The prevalence of larger families

Have you seen the copious amounts consumed in this country. After the early s, there were occasional incidents of sectarian unrest in Northern Ireland. Claiming a relative who fought in the Easter Rising. Quite frankly, a more descriptive term would be the highlands or at least the high-people-lands.

The prevalence of larger families and thus the potential for a more rapid population growth among Catholics was seen as a threat. The poor eejits copped on quick enough. Well, put simply, Irish people will tell you that Tayto are the best tasting crisps in the world and will brook no argument on the matter.

He died of his injuries the next day. American crisps, by comparison, are so bland they defy belief, and English crisps taste like deep-fried cardboard. Many more marches were held over the following year. When the march reached Derry City it was again attacked. Lynch added that Irish re-unification would be the only permanent solution.

The poor eejits

More than people were injured, including a number of nationalist politicians. Many of those who stayed were radical nationalists, among them Irish Republican Brotherhood infiltrators.

The outbreak of the First World War in and Ireland's involvement in the war temporarily averted possible civil war in Ireland and delayed the resolution of the question of Irish independence. From a unionist perspective, Northern Ireland's nationalists were inherently disloyal and determined to force unionists into a united Ireland. When certain foreign supermarkets started operating in Ireland in recent times, instead of Tayto, they stocked some unheard-of cheap crisps from God knows where.

It's actually a common sight in Irish airports to see the Diaspora leaving their homeland burdened down by large boxes of Tayto. At Burntollet Bridge the marchers were attacked by about loyalists, including some off-duty police officers, armed with iron bars, bricks and bottles in a pre-planned ambush. Taunts and missiles were exchanged between the loyalists and nationalist residents. They argued that the Northern Ireland state was neither legitimate nor democratic, but created with a deliberately gerrymandered unionist majority.