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My Social Stories Book by Sean McAndrew download in pdf, ePub, iPad

There are some stains

Most of the documents in this Social Story history are Morning News articles. No matter, they were the best copies available, and I scanned them in for this come-as-you-are documented history.

Similar resources are in each chapter.

There are some stains, smudges, rips, and tears. The Grant also made it possible to print and distribute a newsletter to keep others informed of our activities. After that, the articles tell their own story. Every resource on this tour of documents is unaltered. There is a link or ordering information for each available resource.

The Grant also made it possible

The resources are original in another way, too. These are to clarify any confusion resulting from mention of materials that are no longer available. In some articles, you may encounter blacked out areas or handwritten notes from me. Copyright Carol Gray - Social Stories. If you prefer to skip around, it is possible to start with any section.

For example, some of the earlier Social Story information is no longer true today. They are summaries with links to original documents. My Social Stories Book contains over Stories, and is illustrated throughout with line drawings by Sean McAndrew, which form a visual counterpart to the text. Many of the original articles and documents have been unavailable for several years. My goal is to provide you with a helpful history of Social Stories.