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Many studies have limited this interpretation

The latter considerations demonstrate that the quantitative interpretation of remote sensing information from vegetation is a complex task. The function is similar to stalling a converter gearbox at high engine rpm.

Many studies have limited this interpretation by extracting vegetation information using individual light spectra bands or a group of single bands for data analysis. In practical applications, the values of are determined according to the specific environmental conditions. The pump swivel angle covers both positive and negative flow direction. Several image analysis techniques and algorithms have been developed to go around these issues, which will be described later. The former can also be cost prohibitive due to the requirement of expensive aircrafts and pilots.

These types of combinations present many disadvantages e. Motor-return is connected directly to the pump-inlet.

Vegetation emissivity in the near and mid infrared regions has been widely studied within plant canopies. Closed-loop circuits are generally used for hydrostatic transmissions in mobile applications. Steering-function for a wheel loader. Good for higher-flow low-pressure output.

Piston pumps are more expensive than gear or vane pumps, but provide longer life operating at higher pressure, with difficult fluids and longer continuous duty cycles. The flush valve is normally integrated in the motor housing to get a cooling effect for the oil that is rotating in the motor housing itself. High oil temperatures for long periods will drastically reduce the lifetime of the transmission. The power loss also increases if the load pressures vary a lot. If the pressure rises too high, fluid returns to the tank through a pressure relief valve.

Load sensing with down-stream compensator for each connected directional valve. If the pump flow is high the extra loss can be considerable. Closed loop systems in mobile equipment are generally used for the transmission as an alternative to mechanical and hydrodynamic converter transmissions. Often the foreign pressure comes from the other pipe that is connected to the motor or cylinder.

In practical applications

Open center circuits use pumps which supply a continuous flow. The most common is the swashplate pump.