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Then I saw the officers start to fire and back out, and I saw what looked like gunfire from the synagogue. At my age my world is starting to be surrounded by passing.

Dread, too, that our country, our city, our neighborhood, our lives have come to this, and that this has come home. He was there to buy a morning muffin for his wife. He was always relentless in the pursuit of his goals. He lives here, mere blocks away.

At my age my world

Trump or Hillary Rodham Clinton or what your definition of nationalism was. Times come and go but his passion for his music and his art was never diminished. For now it has happened here, and though we are the it-can-happen anywhere for millions across this wounded nation, we now know what it means when anywhere is right here. We have to say it and then in the confines of our hearts we try to process the sorrow and search for the words that really convey what we feel.

Gunfire in a house of worship. Everyone knows them, just as they know the names of almost everyone along Forbes Avenue at any time of the day. But one thing had clarity. Dread that someone you knew was in morning prayers.

Then I saw the officers start

Coming to grips with reality is a process that starts at birth. There are things I need to say. Now we know it can happen here, and that here is anywhere. It is an imperfect process.