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And in some cases enquiries have been set up. Members of the project revealed that similar projects existed in most if not all countries of Western Europe.

Yet only Italy, Belgium and Switzerland carried out parliamentary investigations, while the administration of President George H. Her charges could be easily confirmed or dismissed if classified government documents were made available to investigators. In more violent operations the secret war led to bloodshed.

Newspaper agencies were to be occupied strictly for the time only that it takes to destroy the printing machines and to generally make the publication of newspapers impossible. The executive should be granted no secrecy and should at all times be controlled by the legislative. As a consequence, the Left continued to gain ground in Italy.

The stated reasons for establishing undercover armed groups has tended to focus on use of the secret armies as a fifth column to provide armed resistance in the case of a Soviet invasion. Thus, to many people and organizations with right wing political sympathies, the establishment of a communist regime in Italy seemed possible even without a Soviet invasion. The answer is of course both.

Yet to discover such serious dysfunctions also in numerous democracies comes as a great surprise, to say the least. The personal risks to us are small in comparison to this offensive of denigration, which attempts to discredit the quest for truth. Italy insisted identical clandestine armies had also existed in all other countries of Western Europe.

Only Belgium, Italy and Switzerland investigated their secret armies with a parliamentary commission, producing a lengthy and detailed public report. It has been this second feature of the secret war that has attracted a lot of attention and criticism in the last decade, and which in the future will need more investigation and research. And yet the claims have been substantiated by juridical inquiries in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium and have been debated and condemned in the European Parliament. They sent the Carabinieri outside whilst two experts opened this box, another had two machine guns in it.

The stated reasons for establishing undercoverThus to many people and

The individual can break free from fear and manipulation by consciously concentrating on his or her very own feelings, thoughts, words and actions, and by focusing all of them on peaceful solutions. Reportedly, the phone call that aborted it came from President Nixon himself. One box was kept aside by them because it contained a phosphorous bomb. It was a multi-national military plan to arm and train clandestine groups in many perhaps all of its member countries and elsewhere in Europe.