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We divided our sample companies by industry to show the breadth of products on offer for developers in London. For a full overview of our research, read our London Tech Map report. The Products of London While programming language and salary are motivational factors for many developers when choosing their new job, others are drawn to the products companies are building. The FinTech industry in London benefits from strong government advocacy. Word of these tunnels systematically disappeared from the public eye.

Since it has been transformed. But the more central boroughs of Islington and Westminster have the highest concentration of developer jobs. LendInvest enables peer-to-peer mortgage lending, Iwoca offers small business loans, and RateSetter and Zopa allow people to lend to others from their savings. Honeypot is a developer-focused job platform, headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

Old Street has by far the highest concentration of tech companies in London. Balderton Capital, in a similar study, puts investment even higher. Emma looks after Product and Marketing and loves working closely with users to deliver new features. The conversion of the air-raid shelter into the Kingsway Telephone Exchange was undertaken secretly by the government.

In a post-Brexit world, tech companies will continue to lobby government for more access to international talent. The companies are sorted by industry and programming language to judge which developer skills are most in demand in London.

London is one of the most attractive locations in the world to build a successful career. Through our research, we examined the most popular locations, by tube station and borough, for tech companies and the most commonly used programming languages in London. Java is particularly popular among FinTech and AdTech companies.

With its thriving tech ecosystem and strong financial support, the city can truly compete with Silicon Valley in drawing world-class entrepreneurs. The Old Street Roundabout, which is located in East London, is also referred to as Silicon Roundabout due to the high density of startups located in the area. Outside Silicon Valley, London is the most likely place to birth the next unicorn. He published his explorations, including photos, in the New Statesman. Companies using Honeypot to hire developers tell us they favour Java for its stable and mature ecosystem, which is replete with well-tested frameworks and libraries.

Over one third of tech companies in London use the language as part of their tech stack. Java, in particular, is dominant around the central boroughs of the City of London and the City of Westminster, where many FinTech companies are located. Needless to say, software developers in London are in high demand.

In a postBrexit world tech companiesThe companies are sorted

The report also expresses concern over the increasingly acute shortages in areas such as cyber security, data analytics and both cloud and mobile computing. In the tunnels suddenly vanished from the map, as did a big chunk of taxpayer money used to retrofit them. They are also paying for proximity to developers. Living costs tend to be one of the biggest concerns for people in London.