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Paradoxes in Social Work Practice by Merlinda Weinberg download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Her areas of interest

The book enriches the existing literature on social work ethics and is thus a worthwhile read. Essay in feminist ethico-politics pp. On becoming a responsible traitor. These set social work practice up in such a way that ethical trespass becomes unavoidable. Precisely this dynamic is what at once implicates and renders practitioners victims of broader structures and processes of injustice.

In her final

Her areas of interest include applied ethics in social work, practice with cross-border migrants, and anti-oppressive social work theory and practice. In her final analytic step, Weinberg demonstrates the ways in which these interpretations led to particular practice choices. Those factors are the very material the resulted in the inevitability of ethical trespass highlights in original. Of course, societies of the global North have come a long way in the years that passed since.