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Peacock Bass Explosions by Larry Larsen download in pdf, ePub, iPad

During cold fronts, some movement of the peacock bass is associated with water temperature. The banks behind the mall are low and easy to fish. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. Spincast gear is also not a good choice. Make sure that the rod has an adequate number of guides.

The warm waters are vital to the peacock bass over-wintering in the expansive waterway. Some small lakes connecting with the canal system offer good peacock bass fishing as well. During a critical point when they begin to become stressed, they will seek out warmer water nearby. Shorter rods will decrease the accuracy and distance of casts, which is a consideration when using small lures. The shallows and shoreline of Blue Lagoon are productive early in the day.

This type of tackle offers many advantages. To ensure that you will be happy with the rod make sure to cast it before purchasing it. These canals are cut into the Biscayne Aquifer which is a shallow water table aquifer that offers spring influence. Spinning gear is the clear choice of conventional tackle used For butterfly peacock bass fishing in South Florida. It continues in this direction until just east of LeJeune Road where there is a spillway which separates the fresh- and saltwater sections of the canal.

Some others without names are even better. Don't try this on Sundays, the lot gets a bit full. Two-piece rods are desirable since they are easier to transport and many peacock holes can be reached by automobile.

The warm waters are

Peacock bass swim the entire system west of the spillway. Both are excellent peacock spots. This ensures that the line follows the contour of a bent rod and flows evenly through the guides when a large fish pulls against the drag. That gave the Commission assurance that the fish was safe and would be limited to the target area, the Southeast Florida canals only.

Basically any lightweight spinning outfit will suffice, but I like a six-foot-long, medium action rod rated for six-to twelve-pound-test lines. We use this information to create a better experience for all users.

During the winter, storm water is stored in the East Everglades and that puts more head pressure. Although a fast action rod will increase casting distance, I prefer the extra backbone of a medium action rod when handling a big fish. The temperature limits their distribution in Florida, but it is also a safety factor, which prevents them from spreading to all waters around the state.

Some small lakes connecting with