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Postcards from the Heart by Ella Griffin download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Overall, I was very impressed with this debut novel. The story revolves around two couples - best friends for years but living very different lifestyles.

Their best friends Conor and Jess have it pretty good too. As well as the issue of love and relationships which is the main theme of the book, Griffin also tackles some more serious issues within as well. Circumstances are about to change this relationship.

The writing style was excellent and made for a pleasant reading experience, and I was especially taken with how sensitively Griffin tackles the more serious issues within the book. Her comic timing at some of the most poignant moments was fabulous. It was a heartwarming story of love in all its forms. Ella Griffin has written a comman tale of relationships but given it more of a rollercoaster ride.

The Postcards from

The Postcards from the Heart actually came from a source that I had not guessed. The novel begins on Valentine's night, when Saffy feels sure Greg is about to propose. Saffy and Greg are the couple about town. Disaster strikes at the restaurant. It's about falling in love, hanging on to love, losing love and then finding it again.

This story easily sits in alongside the main plot, and works really well for me. Saffy has a strained relationship with her mother and the reason for this is deep-rooted and is revealed in the novel. The novel is warm, funny, engaging and full of emotion and places Ella Griffin well and truly up there with some of the best modern female Irish authors.

The book begins introducing us to Saffy and Greg, a couple who on the surface look very much in love, and like the perfect couple.

The novel begins on Valentine's night