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Psychological War Trauma and Society by Irit Keynan download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Jolie serves as special envoy for the U. However, despite the considerable progress that has been made, debate persists and repu- diation of the claims of the war-traumatized remains widespread. Their pain is invisible, and they are often left with feelings of solitude, the din of carnage refusing to fade.

He later servedMost of those exposed

The book elucidates these processes, tracing the shifting attitudes toward trauma in relation to broader historical developments. The contradiction, however, is illusory. Among the larger group of the less severely impaired, many manage to func- tion well at work, but their familial and social relationships suffer, sometimes irreparably.

Yali Hashash, who helped me as a research assistant in the early stages of my research leading to writing this book, and to Tzameret Hershko for a great job of data collection. It also undermines confidence that the civilian population will remain steadfast in the face of long-term security threats. Thus, while each society has its own specific ways of understanding war trauma, Western societies share many common pat- terns for coping with it.

Most of those exposed to war manage, through a gradual pro- cess, to put the horror behind them. He later served in Iraq for eight months, and was among those who supposedly came back safe and sound. Recognition of war trauma, says Judith Lewis Herman, in most cases, requires an individual to take a moral stance regarding the events in question. War Trauma in Israeli Society. Advances and regressions have characterized this tortuous process.