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Women were more likely than men to report concerns about unwanted and risky sexual acts when they had been drinking. The results showed that both perceived Islamophobia and poor integration were predictors of identity crisis in both samples. The results also revealed some differences between the two samples. Rather, the researcher focused on the relationships among the risk factors that might make Muslim minorities more vulnerable to radicalization. On the other hand, stronger religious identification among Turkish-Canadians predicted lower levels of integration.

All sex behavior questions used open response formats, where participants wrote a number in a black space. In multivariate linear regression, we found that food insecurity was related to having higher numbers of male sex partners and condom-protected sex acts among women only. All analyses were conducted with food insecurity treated as a continuous variable in order to preserve variance.

Second, we assessed the nature of these relationships for both men and women in order to determine the strength of these relationships by gender. Moreover, experiences with both food insecurity and alcohol may contribute to a syndemic Pitpitan et al. Likewise, patterns of detrimental alcohol use e.

However a review ofUnlike the results

Any adjustment has to attract a consensus among Experts. Data Analyses Data analyses were conducted separately by gender. Third, we used mediation analyses to determine how alcohol use affects the strength of the relationship between food insecurity and sexual risk behavior. We next conducted mediation analyses in which we entered alcohol use as the mediator to assess the extent to which it accounts for the relationship between food insecurity and sexual risk-taking.

However, a review of literature on radicalization reveals that there is a lack of thorough analysis of how major risk factors relate to each other. Unlike the results found among women, this relationship was not mediated by alcohol use. We hypothesized that these relationships would be stronger for women than men. For example, Scott-Sheldon et al.