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Religious Experience and Lay Society in T'ang China by Glen Dudbridge download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Wyatt, American Historical Review. Thus, in Dudbridge's view, Dai Fu was reporting on a seemingly unknown or at least hitherto unreported historical reality. Of particular value after the presentation of several texts is the appendix summary of all the extant entries. Dudbridge suggests that much ofthe information about this cult in Dai's account was obscured in the factual record.

His purpose is to reconstructBased on Dai Fu's account of

Based on Dai Fu's account of these voices, Dudbridge identifies Dai Fu as a minor official in what is now modern Zhejiang, during the s and s, after the An Lushan rebellion. His purpose is to reconstruct what he believes to be forgotten or untold aspects of the history as well as religious culture of the Tang. Chief among these is the value of his book in sharpening our awareness of the inherently blurry line between the fictional and the documentary in medieval accounts of the strange. Glen Dudbridge's new book attempts to redefine what is meant by anomaly accounts.

Dudbridge believes that Dai Fu's account can attest to die existence ofthese religious practices. Medieval History Back cover copy The remains of Tai Fu's lost collection Kuang-i chi The great book of marvels preserve three hundred short tales of encounters with the other world. It was a society embarking on fundamental change, and this book uses the sharp historical focus of Tai Fu's collection to study the dynamics of that change. This study, the first of its kind, develops a style of close reading through which those tales give access to the lives of individuals in eighth-century China.

You are not currently authenticated. It consists of some three hundred tales originally scattered in the Taipingguangji.