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They have to give a description of how each goal was useful and how effective it was to the final result. Improve the performance of all federal agencies and measure their effectiveness. Systemic cases are highly complex. Agencies must prepare annual performance reports that review the agency's success or failure in meeting its targeted performance goals.

The performance goals must cover each

And we came up with a number of interesting findings. The results can be accessed by the public once they are published. This includes indicators that help measure the outcome for each goal. This is produced with the President's annual budget request. Category A charges are those where it appears that further investigation may result in a finding of discrimination.

The performance goals must cover each program activity made in the agency budget. Based on the large volume of systemic charges currently in investigation, we expect the quantity of systemic lawsuits and their representation on our total docket to continue to steadily increase. In contrast to the Bank, performance was weakest in poorer countries, and in the infrastructure, education and agribusiness sectors.

If the performance goal was not met for that fiscal year, an explanation had to be given of why the goals that were initially met were not. Thus, trust breeds innovation, communication breeds trust, getting feedback breeds communication, and feedback helps to bullet proofs innovation. Take a closer look at our report.

The agency will continue to assess whether additional or different types of expertise would aid in building the systemic program. The total number of merits lawsuits is less than the sum of the suits based on each individual statute as some suits are filed under multiple statutes. Achieving success on this measure ensures that the Commission has continued to exercise its prosecutorial discretion responsibly and has litigated cases skillfully. However, often the results are going to be internal to the targeted individuals. The agency continues to focus efforts on increasing the participation of employers.