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On their return they once again find traces of Barnabas, but the freedman has vanished. Sometimes, resolution seems almost too easy, but at other times Falco is looped into lasso after lasso of interlocking conspiracies.

There he discovers that Curtius Longinus, who had been summoned to Rome to account for his role in the plot, has been killed in the fire. His plan is to masquerade as a plumber in the company of his nephew. Falco becomes a harp tutor to the sister. In his position as imperial agent, Falco is involved with the tidying of the conspiracy The Silver Pigs and the emptying of the traitor's house. But murder creates paranoia and that is true in this story as well.

Falco suggests that Gordianus accept a better post in Paestum. My problem with Shadows in Bronze.

Due to the amorous nature of their ox, Nero, Falco and Larius are arrested in Herculaneum. He is tricked and is finally killed by Falco. He then reports to the Emperor, who wishes to destroy any evidence that his son, Domitian, was involved with the scheme.

He is tricked andDue to the amorous nature of