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What was bothering me was that

He tilted his face up at me. The light from outside was stark and bluish compared to the soft amber lights in the bar, making his cheekbones look impossibly sharp. The lights were already on full brightness as we stepped into the first gallery.

All that was printed on it was a phone number. What was bothering me was that there is a distinct sense of condescension in the way this is written.

But the real story is the other way. His hair was dangerously blond, almost white, and cropped close to his head.

This was by far the kinkiest thing I had ever done. That was like wishing for money.

All that was printed on

The Seventh Avenue sidewalk was crowded with concertgoers and roving packs of glam rockers, even though the concert was long over. Suddenly his voice was sharp. But not him, I told myself. No wonder he paid a huge sum to have a private, after-hours viewing of the art.

He was sipping the whisky very slowly and looking out the window. Well, I closed my eyes, anyway.

Any work of great art will have multiple interpretations. Maybe they would have a quick nightcap and get out of here. The scene is framed as very horrific and Karina is obviously traumatized. The slippery, round nub of glass in my panties. It was exactly like the card James had given me once with his own number on the back.