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My prior involvement with this type of novel was years ago when I read everything I could by the great James Crumley. Authors who create potboiler novels or screenplays are sometimes called hack writers or hacks.

Lentricchia is currently a literature and film studies professor at Duke University. There is really nothing I can do about that now. If you personally do not know Frank Lentricchia, or haven't heard the myth behind the man, let me fill you in. As for writing potboilers, that I don't do, and no doubt am incapable of doing.

But, and for the record, Frank Lentricchia has written a doozy of a hardboiled fiction here. You just don't mess with Frank. Now I could not agree more with this assessment of Crumley, but I would bet the farm if I had one that Lentricchia could beat him at his own game and do it in high style. Frank's response to my email was nice and gracious, but also scary because I realized I had insulted him and that is something you never want to do, it just happens.

This is not the

Frank has style and it derives from his Utica, New York upbringing and his coursing Italian blood. Hardboiled is exactly what I expect the Lentricchia private investigator novel to be. Frank has written several more novels since then, some of which I have reviewed previously, and none of which I have not enjoyed. James Arthur Crumley was the author of violent hardboiled crime novels and several volumes of short stories and essays, as well as published and unpublished screenplays. The Accidental Pallbearer is a fine novel and the first of what I hope is many in the Eliot Conte series.

The attitude is conveyed through

The attitude is conveyed through the detective's self-talk describing to the reader or - in the film - to the viewer what he is doing and feeling. This is not the first time I have done this either. As enjoyable as it sometimes was, I often found Crumley's work somewhat juvenile and not of the greatest intellect. In other words, I would have to pay close attention to Lentricchia's complicated story if I were to follow it correctly and reap the benefits of doing so.

The Accidental Pallbearer is no different except for one thing. My latest example was innocently included in an email exchange between myself and the author, Frank Lentricchia. There is no excuse really for saying something I took as definition and meaning without first checking it out for myself. And to make matters even worse he has seen me in person and I am certain now he does not know I am also smarter than I look.