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This is an unbiased review. The neuron fires an electrical spark which, to insulate it from all the wrong receptors, is sent down the dendrite which is coated in fat, the myelin sheath. When we are optimally creatively adaptive, we are able to adroitly move across not only a wide range of levels of cognitive control, but also across multiple levels of detail. He also says that high creativity does not mean high intelligence.

This should be checked by copy-editors if the author can't put the effort in to check it himself. The test your creativity quiz.

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Overall this comes across as something dictated rather than written, with frequent stream of consciousness, much reference to other people's experiments and none to experiments of his own. The author was surprised when, two years after he gained his PhD, a university advisor suggested he explain a work problem to the college janitors, who spoke Spanish.

The mind is not only cognition, narrowly construed, but is deeply intermeshed with action, perception, and emotion. This is one reason why we need fat in our diets.

Written for an interdisciplinary audience, empirical findings are enriched with insights from the arts and literature. No pictures, diagrams or charts are given. Mastering the many factors that can help to promote mental agility is important to each of us, both individually and collectively, as shapers and makers of our selves and our societies.

Building on empirical research from t This text proposes a new integrative framework for understanding and promoting creatively adaptive thinking. This means that optimal mental agility is realized at the dynamic intersection of environment, brain, and mind. The frequent suggestions for making yourself more creative, come down to thinking of a number of new ways to do something or combine words or ideas. Tell that to any fan of Beethoven or Yeats.

We could really, really do with a picture or two of the brain, with parts labelled. No, the common ancestor of the chimpanzee and the bonobo split from the evolutionary branch with us more recently than the ancestor of the gorilla. But if you have not done any creativity boosting work it may be helpful. Neither abstraction nor specificity, neither controlled nor automatic processes alone are what is needed.