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The Fish and Boat Commission has likewise been debating whether to pull the plug on its shad program. They stay there, frankly not doing much, until three or four years later when it's time to spawn. He was explaining about how a rod will bend when a fish is fighting.

To that end, one or more of my parents bought us fishing rods and reels. So we were testing how much our rods would bend.

We were sharing the river with half a million shad, whose interest in us was inverse to our interest in them. Collecting American shad in the Chesapeake Bay.

The Atlantic American shad

The day coiling like a spring. American shad used to run as far as river miles up the Susquehanna, for example, said Josh Tryninewski, leader of the anadromous fish restoration unit for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. American shad hatcheries, like this one in Massachusetts, are meant to aid in restoration efforts. And George Washington was, among many other things, a commercial shad fisherman.

He figured he had hooked a rather large roe shad. He includes plenty of testimonials. The Delaware was then, and is now, prime shad spawning water. Panic rises, takes over, and I write until I go home at seven, thinking like a shad.

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The Atlantic American shad face other challenges. Well, Ed Cervone told the cop he did.