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The Muslim Next Door by Sumbul Ali-Karamali download in pdf, ePub, iPad

And yet Ali-Karamali herself decides she'll skip the Islamic law about giving her son twice as large a share of her estate as her daughter, because, after all, times change. Again, she's no language expert, but puts herself out there as if she is. The reason being that it resonates deeply with women.

This makeover powerfully switched my focus

Look, I have a lot in common with her, growing up in a minority religion when the default is Christianity. Not to mention the epidemic of pornography addiction, which devastates far too many families. To my surprise, it was Islam. My femininity itself is valuable.

How we are forced to attempt to deescalate and brush off situations that, upon closer examination, are clearly unacceptable. This makeover powerfully switched my focus away from how people perceive beauty, or sexuality, and instead towards more meaningful endeavors and accomplishments. The pressure overshadowed and really destroyed what could have been many enriching experiences. How to avoid angering a man, or endangering ourselves.

Devoted men, and devoted women. They began to sense female sexuality and it was no longer possible to be one of them. My presence is a privilege. The author detailed what so many women experience on a daily basis. This contradictory messaging about sexuality has unsavory ramifications.

And for such a highly educated person, Ali-Karmali is rather ignorant of the rest of the world's religions. Honestly, before Islam, I subconsciously devalued females. She claims Arabic is unique, yet its qualities are so similar in Hebrew that I often understand the concepts in some Arabic phrases because the words are so similar and work the same with way.

How we are forced to attempt