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The Routledge Companion to Theatre, Performance and Cognitive Science by Rick Kemp download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Experiencing sorrow in

American Journal of Play Sawyer, J. Responses to and judgments of acting on film.

Experiencing sorrow in fiction, nonfiction and in our own lives. The Social Science of Cinema. Actors are skilled in theory of mind but not empathy. In addition to comprehensive coverage of technical terms and fundamental issues, the volume also highlights current debates that inform the ongoing research process.

Predictors of engagement in and transfer from acting training. Few areas have witnessed the type of growth we have seen in the affective sciences in the past decades. Why cognitive scientists should study acting.

Empirical Studies in the Arts. Realizing a latent opportunity. Positive emotion is more effective than venting. Correlations among social-cognitive skills in adolescents involved in acting vs. Sex differences in response to theater.

The Social Science of Cinema

An attempt at replication. Expressive suppression and acting classes. Enhancing empathy and theory of mind. Publisher link to purchase.