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Trigonometry For Dummies by Mary Jane Sterling download in pdf, ePub, iPad

In my opinion, this book is good way to get an idea of the concepts and maybe a I've never been great at math and only got so far at it in college. Okay, this book may not count because it isn't Literature, but I think it was useful. In practical use, trigonometry is a friend to astronomers who use triangulation to measure the distance between stars. But this book really helps you out. While I did get somewhat of an understanding, I found most of the problems too abstract to visualize.

It doesn't matter how good the

It doesn't matter how good the book is if you stink at math. Now, I understand sin, cosine, tan, co-tangent and so much more. When I got this book, it was much easier to understand. Also check out Pre-Calculus and Calculus for Dummies.

But trust me, when I hear Trigonometry, I am literally paralyzed.

Now I understand sin cosine