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Ty tells Monica all about Delaney and the only woman he wanted was her. After a bender Monica helps Ty up to is room to sleep it off, he wants to spill his guts. Monica can't believe that he's gone and is now left not knowing what to do. The truth is, Monica has never felt needed and doesn't think that's going to change. There Ty sits at the bar drowning his sorrows, Monica the only woman he ever made love to in his own bed.

She becomes more attached to him and that scares her. The phrase derives from a Greek legend in which a traveler rents an ass and then squabbles with its owner when they both want to sit in the ass's shadow to avoid the sun. She is not sure where she belongs with Evan or Ty.

Monica is about to go out of her mind thinking Ty is dead. There are three books in all and I encourage you to read this series. Ty asked Monica to come but she declined.

She figured Ty was in the same boat as her. Ty has, for the first time in years, opened himself up to the possibilities he's thought weren't what he ever wanted again - only to have them backfire.

Monica only gives Ty one week to pitch his idea, if she likes it she will consider staying. She did not know the answer to this and was more confused when she tried to think things thru. Monica always thinks the worst in people, so she assumes Ty only wants her for her money.

There are sex scenes but nothing graphic. Tom had taught Monica what it was to be oved.

Now Tom was gone and she was hurt and lost, but most of all she felt so alone. John is wrangling with his roommate over the phone bill.

Ty tells MonicaAfter a bender Monica

The story is not fast paced and the characters have solid backgrounds. When he had to tell her about Tom, it broke him and his feelings for her confused him.