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World Economic Historical Statistics by Carlos Sabillon download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Part Two presents a collection of statistics illustrating the development of the world economy during the last centuries. The factors that cause growth, he says, still need to bestudied with a fresh eye. The factors that cause growth, he says, still need to be studied with a fresh eye. This book has the potential to become the main reference book worldwide for historical economic statistics in universities and professional organizations. About the Book Since the earliest of times, human beings have endeavored to uncover the causes of prosperity.

It summarizes these ideas

Over the long run, there has been a dramatic increase in life expectation. The results of such analyses are highly troubling because they reveal an absence of correlation between theory and reality. Per capita income rose more than eightfold, population more than fivefold. This contrasts sharply with the preceding millennium, when world population grew by only a sixth, and there was no advance in per capita income.

This gap is still widening. It summarizes these ideas pedagogically and tests them against the historical data. Here, for the first time, the economic statistics of the world are presented in a rationalized format that allows for an easy comparison across countries and through time.

Most of the improvement has occurred since then.

This gap is still

Per capita income growth is not the only indicator of welfare. Part One analyzes the most relevant ideas and theories that have been considered as causal variables of economic growth. The growth process was uneven in space as well as time. This orderly and consistent presentation of statistics may be just the tool that helps future economic theorists to identify a reliable path to sustained growth.

Most of the growth went to accommodate a fourfold increase in population. The author presents an organized set of statistics, and tests the principal theories on the causes of economic growth against the facts of history. Analyzing the data over geography and time, Sabillon concludes that contrary to contemporary wisdom, left to market forces alone the economy will not and does not flourish.